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Author: Timothy Lawson
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Nurses in the Spanish-American War

By Timothy Lawson on 4/16/2020

To honor their service—and in conjunction with our new Education Program in development, which includes a unit on nurses in the Spanish-American War —today we highlight nurses buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Preserving ANC's Built Heritage: Tanner Amphitheater

By Timothy Lawson on 12/12/2019

In June 2019, ANC, in partnership with the National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Training Center, finished a four-year project to restore the James Tanner Amphitheater, constructed in 1873. 

Timothy Lawson
Tanner Amphitheater

Remembering a Hero Laid to Rest This Day Fifteen Years Ago

By Timothy Lawson on 11/29/2019

Fifteen years ago, we laid to rest Corporal Dale A. Burger, Jr. who was killed in action during the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004.

Timothy Lawson
Battle of Fallujah
Marine Corps
Silver Star