Excessive Heat Warning

When visiting the cemetery, please use caution and stay hydrated. Click below for more information. 

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Turf Renovations


Arlington National Cemetery annually renovates more than 30 acres of turf. This process involves removing the old turf and weeds, tilling the soil, grading the grave sites and planting new grass from seed. Each year, the Horticulture Division assigns sections for renovation as needed. The long-term result will be a healthier, thicker turf and ground that is more level.

Renovations this year will take place in parts of Sections 66, 38, 59, 34 and 4. For the next several weeks, you will notice signs and work being performed in these sections.

Please limit walking in these areas as much as possible, but feel free to visit gravesites in these sections.

To learn more about Arlington National Cemetery's turf renovation process, read our blog post from summer 2020

Sections 66 and 38

August 7 through September 14 

Sections 59, 34 and 4*

Spray: August 21
Groundwork: September 5 through October 15
*Section 4: Work affects steep portion along Jessup Drive