Pedestrian Road Closures in Southern Expansion Area


We would like to inform you of some pedestrian route changes and detours that will take place surrounding the construction supporting Arlington National Cemetery’s Southern Expansion project. On or around August 11, 2023 the pedestrian route will be reconfigured as shown in green and blue on the map below:

1. Southgate Road pedestrian traffic will shift to be closer to the Arlington National Cemetery wall along Southgate Road, as shown in blue. 

2. Southgate Road pedestrians who want to continue south to Columbia Pike via Nash Street, or continue to the Air Force Memorial, will need to cross Southgate Road at the crosswalk located at the temporary vehicle entrance to the Air Force Memorial. This will require pedestrians to use the sidewalk parallel to Southgate Rd along the north side instead of the new pathway along the cemetery wall.  Signs (as shown in orange) will be posted at the decision point.  

3. This route will be in effect until on or around April 22, 2024.

As always, ANC appreciates your patience and understanding. The DAR/Southern Expansion Project is a complex, large scale project that will occasionally result in site conditions requiring that construction plans be subject to change. ANC will continue to provide you with significant updates. Please check for details.