Arlington National Cemetery precautions in extreme temperatures

Many of the daily activities at Arlington National Cemetery occur outdoors and the grounds of Arlington are a popular tourist destination. In extreme temperatures, Arlington National Cemetery takes great care to ensure that its employees and visitors take the necessary precautions to protect themselves against the elements. Currently, the greater DC area is experiencing extreme heat. Arlington National Cemetery urges visitors to remain hydrated, limit time outdoors, rest frequently and recognize some of the early signs of heat-related illness such as:
-- headache
-- dizziness
-- confusion or disorientation
-- mood swings
-- rapid heart rate
-- chills.

There are water fountains located in the Visitor's Center. Water fountains are located near the JFK gravesite and the Tomb of the Unknowns. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial. Outdoor operations, such as lawn care and general maintenance of the cemetery grounds, begin in the early morning hours. Arlington National Cemetery conducts an average of 27 funeral services a day. Arlington National Cemetery does not postpone funerals services because of inclement weather. A service may be delayed for brief periods if it presents a safety hazard (i.e. thunder and lightning) and is expected to clear. During extreme heat, services are conducted as scheduled, but military services may limit the amount of marching or may restrict the use of the caisson.