ANC Remaining Open

In the event of a government shutdown, ANC will remain open for funerals and visitors. Please note that Arlington House is run by the National Park Service and will be closed.

Published on: Friday, September 29, 2023

Mr. Charles R. Alexander, Jr., Superintendent

Arlington National Cemetery


For more than 150 years Arlington National Cemetery has been a place to honor and remember our Nation's veterans. A veteran myself, there is not a day that goes by that I am not humbled to serve here. As stewards of this national shrine, my team and I are dedicated to upholding the standards that have become synonymous with this great institution.

This cemetery is a tribute to our county’s rich history and how each generation continues to represent our nation with men and women willing to dedicate their lives to its ideals. From the Revolutionary War to the conflicts of today, heroes from every major American conflict are buried here. We are committed to extending this legacy and to maintaining Arlington as an active cemetery for as long as possible.

In support of that commitment, expansion efforts are underway that will help us extend the life of the cemetery. These efforts will allow families from all over this country to continue to bury their loved ones with honor and dignity for years to come. It is our solemn duty and privilege to continue to care for America's heroes and their families during their time of need. On behalf of the dedicated men and women of Arlington National Cemetery, I thank you for your interest and support.

Mr. Alexander's biography can be found here.