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Memorial Arboretum and Horticulture

Memorial Arboretum at Arlington National Cemetery is a living tribute to those who have honorably served their nation. Rolling green hills, majestic trees and a diverse collection of ornamental plants create a rich natural tapestry on these hallowed grounds. Visitors can stroll throughout the cemetery's 639 acres, which blend formal and informal landscapes and feature more than 9,000 native and exotic trees. Some of the oldest trees, at nearly 250 years old, predate the first burials. Intimate gardens enhance the cemetery's beauty and sense of peace. More than 140 memorial trees commemorate veterans (including Medal of Honor recipients), military units, battles, families and others who serve. ANC also has four state champion or co-champion trees.

To commemorate its 150th anniversary in 2014, this historic landscape was established as the Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Arboretum. In June 2018, the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program designated Arlington as a Level III Arboretum. In 2023, ANC's Level III Arboretum status was renewed. Only 45 renowned institutions worldwide maintain this prestigious accreditation, and only five cemeteries. A Level III Arboretum must have at least 500 species of woody plants, offer educational programming, collaborate with other arboreta and participate in tree science and conservation.

At Arlington National Cemetery, we are honored to preserve and interpret this iconic landscape for generations to come.

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