Documents Required for Scheduling a Funeral Service

Before a service can be scheduled, all documentation needs to be submitted and reviewed by Arlington staff to establish and confirm eligibility. We recommend that you have all of the required documentation together before you call Arlington National Cemetery to schedule the service. The following documents are required: 

1. DD214 or equivalent service documentation showing honorable discharge and active duty service (mandatory for a veteran and the first interment of a dependent; requested for second interment of a spouse, but ANC may be able to verify eligibility based on archival records).

2. Death certificate. Must be the final/or certified copy with the full social security number. We can move the case forward with a working copy of the death certificate, but a final/or certified copy is required before scheduling can occur.

3. Cremation certificate, if applicable. The certificate must include the name of the deceased, date of cremation, name of crematory, signature or electronic stamp, and cremation tag number. 

4. Succession documents for the person authorized to direct disposition (PADD) to act on behalf of the primary next of kin (PNOK), if applicable. Only the PNOK or PADD can sign the required documents. 

5. Unmarried adult dependents require two additional documents: a) a notarized statement from an individual who has direct knowledge as to the marital status and degree of dependency of the deceased person, the name of the decedent's parent, and the military service from which the burial is being requested; and b) a certificate from the attending physician regarding the nature and duration of the dependent's physical and/or mental disability.

6. Other documents may be required for signature before the service can take place.


Important Information: Cremated Remains

Arlington National Cemetery requires certification of 100% of cremated remains and a cremated remains certificate. We support industry best practices of including the cremation identification number, which is included with the remains and annotated on the cremation certificate. Arlington does not accept cremated remains by mail.