Visiting a Gravesite

A uniformed soldier places American flags in front of gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery

To find a loved one’s gravesite, search for their name on our app, ANC Explorer, which can be accessed on the web and on mobile devices. Headstone/niche cover photos are loaded into the app approximately 90 days after a service is conducted. The app will provide walking directions from the Welcome Center to the gravesite.

Permanent and Temporary Family Passes

A permanent family pass is issued to the next of kin at the time of the interment. Additional permanent passes are available for the parents, spouse, siblings and children of the deceased. Applications for permanent passes are available at the Welcome Center Information Desk and the Administration Building, or you may download and print this form: ANC Parking Pass Application

A temporary vehicle pass may be issued to the above family members who are presently at Arlington National Cemetery to visit their loved one and who have completed a permanent family pass request form.

PLEASE NOTE: Family passes may be used for gravesite visits only. Touring the cemetery with your family pass is not authorized.

At the entrance gates and immediately after funerals, family pass holders will receive a reminder card stating that the family pass is a privilege, intended only to allow them to visit their loved one's grave. All family pass holders must depart the cemetery immediately following their gravesite visit.

A free shuttle is available for gravesite visits and may be accessed by visiting the tram ticket desk in the Welcome Center.

Floral and Wreath Tributes at Gravesite  

Bluejay sitting on headstone in section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery

  • Fresh cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time. ANC provides portable temporary cones for flowers that the public may use. These cones can be found throughout the cemetery in centralized containers.
  • Artificial flowers may be placed on gravesites from October 10 through April 15.
  • Flowers may be placed at the bottom of a column at the niche wall or in the columbarium.
  • The government does not assume any responsibility for damaged or missing flower arrangements.
  • Permanent flower containers are no longer authorized for placement. 
  • Planting of flowers, shrubs, etc. is prohibited.
  • At the discretion of the cemetery, floral items will be removed from gravesites as soon as they become faded and unsightly.
  • Potted plants are permitted seven days before and seven days after Easter Sunday.
  • Wreaths are permitted during the holiday season (December 1 through January 31).
  • Grave blankets and Christmas trees are prohibited.
  • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: ammunition, alcohol, knives or sharp objects, statues, vigil lights, flags, glass objects of any nature, and any type of commemorative items — except for U.S. flags placed on gravesites by government employees for Memorial Day.
  • Affixing or attaching any item to a headstone or niche cover is prohibited.
  • Items left at graves and niches will be collected and disposed of to facilitate normal cemetery maintenance procedures, such as mowing. 
  • Please click here for further guidance on ANC policy for Section 60