Bicycle Use Policy

Bicycles parked near the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery

Effective October 26, 2016: 

Bicycling will no longer be allowed on cemetery grounds without a family pass.

The primary purpose of ANC’s roads are to facilitate funeral services, vehicles operating in the daily care of the cemetery, and families visiting the final resting place of loved ones.  While we know that riders intend no disrespect, bicyclists traversing the cemetery grounds do impact funeral services and the experience that families expect and deserve as they visit their loved one’s grave.

Additionally, there are legitimate safety concerns regarding bicyclists mixing with the volume of pedestrians who visit Arlington National Cemetery each day.  As there are no bike paths on the cemetery grounds, mixing cyclists with pedestrians and vehicles creates a safety hazard. This new policy has been deemed necessary to alleviate these concerns.

Family members and guests desiring to visit a loved one’s grave can still show their family pass and, with that pass, ride their bicycles to and from the grave site.

We thank you for your understanding and adherence to this new policy.

For more information call 1-877-907-8585.