Visitor Safety

An Arlington National Cemetery employee removes snow and ice in front of the Welcome Center, and a sign reminds visitors of slipping hazards

We want your visit to Arlington National Cemetery to be both memorable and safe. Please take note of the following safety guidelines: 

•  The cemetery is expansive – 639 acres. Walking distances and hills require moderate physical exertion. An alternative to walking is the interpretive tour bus, which stops at John F. Kennedy’s gravesite, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other notable sites. Visitors with disabilities may ride the bus for free, with one companion.

•  We encourage visitors to wear skid-free shoes and stay off cell phones while walking. Cemetery grounds have uneven terrain and tripping hazards. Burial sections can become muddy after rainfall, and marble surfaces become slippery when wet.

•  During the winter, we strive very hard to effectively remove snow and ice. However, walking surfaces may pose slipping hazards.

•  During the summer, the Washington, D.C. area can become excessively hot and humid. Plan ahead in order to stay hydrated. Visitors may bring water bottles or purchase bottled water in the Welcome Center, and the ANC Explorer app locates water fountains throughout the cemetery.

•  There are numerous funeral processions, as well as heavy machinery and construction equipment operating in the cemetery. Please be mindful as you cross roads and walk in sections where active burials are taking place.

•  For information on accessibility, please see our Visitors with Disabilities page. 

Call 911 for emergency situations. To report suspicious activity, please call Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Department of Emergency Services at 703-588-2800.