Visitor Screening and Security

To ensure the safety and security of all visitors and employees, and to comply with Army directive, the cemetery requires all visitors to go through physical security screening, including identification checks and other security measures.

•   Depending on the security posture, all visitors 18 years of age and older, including individual members of tour groups, may be asked to provide a valid U.S. state or federal government-issued photo identification upon entering the cemetery.

•   School group leaders and tour guides should also be prepared to provide identification. 

•  Visitors 16 and 17 years old who do not have a U.S. state or federal government-issued photo identification may present an official school-issued photo identification or have an adult/chaperone cleared for entry.

•  Persons who are not U.S. citizens may present a valid passport or U.S. State Department-issued photo identification for entry if requested.

•  Please allow time to go through security screening when visiting the cemetery,.

•   To expedite the screening process, we recommend that visitors bring minimal to no bags or bulky items. Visitors will be directed to remove phones, hats and pocket items to place above their heads when walking through screening.We ask for your patience, as this will create longer than usual delays. Cemetery officials are reminding all visitors to add a few extra minutes to their travel times.

Physical security is everyone's responsibility. We ask you to stay especially vigilant and remember to report any suspicious activity to the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Watch Desk: 703-588-2800 or 703-588-2801.

Visitor entrance at Arlington National Cemetery Welcome Center

Screening Procedures

Arlington National Cemetery aims to ensure the safety and security of all visitors and employees. The cemetery requires all visitors to go through physical security screening, in addition to identification checks and other security measures.

•   Prior to the screening process, inform the screener if you have an internal or external medical device (pacemaker, artificial knee, stimulator, port, ostomy, insulin pump, glucose monitor) or if you have any medically necessary liquids, powders and/or medications with you. Prior to screening, we recommend that you separate these items from other belongings and label them with prescription labels. Please also alert the screener if you are carrying any accessories associated with liquid medication (such as freezer packs, IV bags and syringes).

•   You may request screening by pat-down instead of screening by technology. Pat-down screening will be conducted in private.

•   Anyone granted vehicular access to the cemetery — including funeral attendees, those with permanent family passes and employees — will be required to present a valid government-issued photo identification when entering the cemetery and will be subject to random inspections.   

Prohibited Items

•   Explosives
•   Firearms
•   Knives (blades longer than four inches; switchblades)
•   Narcotics 
•   Fireworks
•   Alcohol
•   Paint
•   Mace, pepper spray and similar products
•   Unauthorized media/photography equipment (For media queries and information, please click here.) 
•   Tripods which cannot fit into a purse/small bag
•   Taser or stun guns
•   Brass knuckles
•   Flags larger than 8.5" x 11" 


Pedestrians may enter Arlington National Cemetery through one of four access points:

•   The cemetery’s main entrance on Memorial Avenue, via the Welcome Center. This entrance is a short walk from the Arlington Cemetery Metro station (Blue line). There are up to four screening lines for visitors.

•   Ord and Weitzel Gate, on the north end of the cemetery. This gate is approximately a 15-minute walk from the Rosslyn Metro station (Blue, Orange and Silver lines). 

•   Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Old Post Chapel Gate

•   Service Complex Gate, off Columbia Pike

►  Click here for a map of the cemetery


Visitors with disabilities may use a separate access point, in compliance with disability laws. Please see our accessibility page for more information. If you have an accessibility or accommodation concern about Arlington National Cemetery, please contact us at 877-907-8585.


To report any suspicious activity within the cemetery, please call Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Department of Emergency Services at 703-588-2800. Call 911 for emergency situations.