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Frank D. Baldwin


Section 3, Grave 1894

Attaining the rank of major general in the U.S. Army, Frank D. Baldwin (1842-1923) was a double Medal of Honor recipient for acts of valor performed during the Civil War (on July 20, 1864) and the Indian Wars (on November 8, 1874). At the time, he was the only person to have received the Medal of Honor twice. Baldwin also served in the Spanish-American War (1898) and was adjutant general of the Colorado National Guard during World War I. 

Medal of Honor citation, July 20, 1864:

"Led his company in a countercharge at Peach Tree Creek, Ga., 12 July 1864, under a galling fire ahead of his own men, and singly entered the enemy's line, capturing and bringing back 2 commissioned officers, fully armed, besides a guidon of a Georgia regiment."

Medal of Honor citation, November 8, 1874:

"Rescued, with two companies, two white girls by a voluntary attack upon Indians whose superior numbers and strong position would have warranted delay for reinforcements, but which delay would have permitted the Indians to escape and kill their captives."