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Published on: Friday, September 29, 2023

Mexican Service Campaign (Vera Cruz) Medal of Honor Recipients

Click the headstone image or the recipient's name to learn more about that individual.

Recipient Marker
Anderson, Edwin Alexander 2-3798
Badger, Oscar Charles II 2-3758
Berkeley, Randolph Carter 3-1767
Buchanan, Allen 9-5845
Castle, Guy Wilkinson Stuart 3-4345-SS
Catlin, Albertus Wright 7-10038
Courts, George McCall 7-9874
Cregan, George 46-1066-6
Decker, Percy A. 7-10302
Drustrup, Niels 3-4378-RH
Fletcher, Frank Friday 3-1933
Fletcher, Frank Jack 2-4736-E
Foster, Paul Frederick 5-106
Frazer, Hugh Carroll 46-282
Fryer, Eli Thompson 34-120-A
Grady, John 4-2723-R-RH
Harner, Joseph Gabriel 17-21199-B-2
Harrison, William Kelly 2-1080
Hartigan, Charles Conway 46-390
Hill, Walter Newell 6-9646-B-C
Hughes, John Arthur 8-5265
Huse, Henry McLaren Pinckney 2-4889
Ingram, Jonas Howard 30-643
Johnston, Rufus Zenas 2-3645-RH
Langhorne, Cary Devall 11-868
Lannon, James Patrick 8-6410-B
McCloy, John 8-5246
McDonnell, Edward Orrick 2-4655-4
Moffett, William Adger 3-1655-A
Neville, Wendell Cushing 6-8409
Nordsiek, Charles Lewis 7-10230
Reid, George Groghan 2-965
Rush, William Rees 3-3977
Schnepel, Fred Jurgen 11-825
Staton, Adolphus 4-280-A-RH
Stickney, Herman Osman 3-1821
Townsend, Julius Curtis 6-8590
Wilkinson, Theodore Stark J. 2-3465