Sports Figures

Doubleday gravestone

Abner Doubleday - Doubleday was a Brevet Brigadier General in the US Army. Doubleday is often credited with having invented baseball. (Section 1, site 61)

Dwight Davis - He served in the United States Army during World War I and was Secretary of War under President Calvin Coolidge. He is known for establishing the "Davis Cup" as a trophy for excellence in international tennis competition. (Section 2, 4962).

Joe Louis - Tech. 5 Joe “Louis” Barrow "The Brown Bomber" - held the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World longer and defended it more times than any other boxer in history. As a sergeant during World War II, he donated $100,000 to Army and Navy relief efforts and fought 96 exhibition matches for more than 2 million troops. (Section 7A, site 172).

Spottswood Poles - One of the best baseball players in the Negro Leagues during the early 1900s. His batting average in 1914 was 487. (Section 42, site 2324).