Memorial Day: Please Arrive Early

We urge our visitors to arrive early on Memorial Day. Due to anticipated capacity, the latest tram to transport visitors to the Memorial Amphitheater may leave as early as 10 a.m. Click "read more" for details. 

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World War I Medal of Honor Recipients

Click the headstone image or the recipient's name to learn more about that individual.

Recipient Marker
Boone, Joel Thompson 11-137-2
Bronson, Deming 30-500-2
Cann, Tedford Harris 7-10118-SS
Cukela, Louis 1-427-A-B
Dilboy, George 18-4574
Donovan, William Joseph 2-4874-RH
Eggers, Alan Louis 2-3387-A
Ellis, Michael B. 6-9520
Hayden, David Ephriam 36-1864
Hays, George Price 11-540-2
Izac, Edouard Victor Michel 3-4222-16
Johnson, Henry 25-64
Loman, Berger Holton 37-4909
Lyle, Alexander Gordon Sr. 2-1114-1-2
McGunigal, Patrick 6-8674
Morelock, Sterling Lewis 35-1824
Pope, Thomas A. 35-3157
Pruitt, John Henry 18-2453
Robinson, Robert Guy 46-390
Schmidt, Oscar Nate Jr. 11-116-LH
Slack, Clayton King 34-59
Smith, Frederick E. 1-305-A
Sullivan, Daniel Augustus Joseph 8-5327-A
Upton, Frank Monroe 8-55-A
Van Iersel, Ludovicus M.M. 42-1770
Woodfill, Samuel 34-642-A
World War I Unknown