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Published on: Friday, September 29, 2023

Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients

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Recipient Marker
Anderson, Marion T. 1-512
Baird, Absalom 1-55
Batchedler, Richard Napoleon 2-998
Beaufort, Jean J. 13-13784
Birdsall, Horatio 13-6935
Bliss, Zenas Randall 8-B-SWC
Boehm, Peter Martin 2-3674-WS
Bourke, John Gregory 1-32-A
Boutwell, John W. 33-2937
Boynton, Henry Van Ness 2-1096
Brannigan, Felix 3-1642
Brown, John Harties 3-1486-1/2
Brown, William H. 27-565-A
Buckingham, David Eastburn 2-3677
Burke, Daniel Webster 2-3739
Campbell, James A. 3-1468-SS
Capehart, Charles E. 3-2033-WS
Capehart, Henry 1-140-A-B
Carter, Joseph Franklin 3-1550
Catlin, Isaac Swartwood 2-3397
Christiancy, James Isaac 1-580-ES
Clay, Cecil 2-1012
Conboy, Martin 54-3841
Cook, John 17-18613
Coughlin, John 2-936-WS
Cutts, James Madison 3-1371-SS
Delaney, John Carroll 3-2170
Diggins, Bartholomew 13-5400-15
Dillon, Michael Augustus 13-14660
Durham, James R. 3-1435
Engle, James Edward 1-569
Estes, Lewellyn Garrish 3-1437
Freeman, Henry Blanchard 2-937
Fuger, Frederick W. 1-511
Gause, Isaac 17-19595
Gere, Thomas Parke 1-361
Gilmore,John Curtis Jr. 1-268-269
Grace, Peter 3-2556-EH
Harris, James H. 27-985-H
Hatch, John Porter 1-133-C
Henry, Guy Vernor 2-990
Holland, Milton Murray 23-21713
Houghton, Charles H. 3-2411-WS
Johnson, Joseph Esrey 3-2278
Kelley, Leverett Mansfield 2-3756
Kerr, Thomas R. 3-1623
Kirby, Dennis Thomas 1-334
Lawson, Gaines 1-37-A
Lawton, Henry Ware 2-841-842
Lower, Cyrus B. 17-19971
Ludgate, William 3-1488
MacArthur, Arthur Jr. 2-856-A
Martin, George 17-20472
McMahon, Martin Thomas 2-1101
Merriam, Henry Clay 1-1114-B
Miles, Nelson Appleton 3-1873
Mindil, George Washington 3-1568-A
Mitchell, Alexander H. 3-2515
Murphy, Robinson Barr 6-9747
O'Connor, Timothy MF-10-3
Palmer, George Henry 3-2104
Parks, Harry Jeremiah 2-1200-RH
Pipes, James Milton 3-1332-A
Plowman, George H. 3-4417-EH
Purman, James Jackson 1-615
Rand, Charles Franklin 1-125-B
Raub, Jacob F. 3-1469
Raymond, William H. 2-4852-SS
Rice, Edmund 3-1875
Richmond, James 27-886
Rush, John W. 17-18768
Saxton, Rufus Jr. 1-20-A
Schofield, John McCallister 2-1108
Schwan, Theodore 2-860
Scott, Alexander 17-18563

Daniel E. Sickles

  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Major General
  • Date of Birth: October 20, 1819
  • Date of Death: May 3, 1914
  • Date of Action: July 2, 1863
  • Gravesite: 3-1906-WS
daniel e sickles grave marker
Sidman, George Dallas 3-2492
Smith, Charles Henry 1-128-A
Smith, James 65-1485
Smith, Joseph Sewall 2-996
Stahel, Julius H. 2-988
Swayne, Wager 3-1406
Thorn, Walter 2-3689-WH
Truell, Edwin M. 13-5274-C
Tweedale, John 1-470
Urell, Michael emmet 1-51-D
Vance, Wilson J. 3-2360-WS
Veazey, Wheelock Graves 2-1026
Vernay, James David 3-4052-WS
Wainwright, John 2-1059
Weston, John Francis 2-856
Wheeler, Henry W. 3-1496-SS
Whitaker, Edward Washburn 3-1324
Willcox, Orlando Bolivar 1-18
Willison, Edward Bancroft 1-422
Wood, Henry Clay 1-80-A