Beirut Barracks Bombing (October 23, 1983)


Twenty-one service members who lost their lives in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon are buried in Section 59 at Arlington National Cemetery, near a memorial which honors all 241 American service members killed in the attack. 

Name Service - Section Gravesite
1. Lance Cpl. Nicholas Baker                                         U.S. Marine Corps - 59            620             
2. Gunnery Sgt. Alvin Belmer U.S. Marine Corps - 59 613-2
3. Master Sgt. Roy L. Edwards U.S. Marine Corps - 59 613-1
4. Sgt. Robert B. Greaser U.S. Marine Corps - 59 608
5. Lance Cpl. Davin M. Green U.S. Marine Corps - 59 618
6. 2nd Lt. Maurice E. Hukill U.S. Marine Corps - 59 611
7. Lance Cpl. James C. Knipple U.S. Marine Corps - 59 681-1
8. Maj. John W. Macroglou U.S. Marine Corps - 59 612
9. Lance Cpl. Timothy R. McMahon U.S. Marine Corps - 59 2978-C
10. 1st Lt. David J. Nairn U.S. Marine Corps - 59 609
11. Pfc. Thomas S. Perron U.S. Marine Corps - 59 616
12. Sgt. John A. Phillips Jr. U.S. Marine Corps - 59 610
13. 1st Lt. Clyde W. Plymel U.S. Marine Corps - 59 607
14. Staff Sgt. Patrick K. Prindeville U.S. Marine Corps - 59 681-2
15. Hospitalman 3rd Class Diomedes J. Quirante U.S. Navy - 59 613-3
16. 1st Lt. Charles J. Schnorf U.S. Marine Corps - 59 604
17. Cpl. Thomas A. Shipp U.S. Marine Corps - 59 605
18. Lance Cpl. Horace R. Stephens U.S. Marine Corps - 59 606
19. Cpl. Eric G. Washington U.S. Marine Corps - 59 617
20. 1st Lt. Donald E. Woollett U.S. Marine Corps - 59 681-3
21. Hospitalman 3rd Class David E. Worley U.S. Navy - 59 619


Operation "Just Cause" Panama

The following is a list of names of U.S. service members killed in Panama while participating in the U.S. military operation "Just Cause" in December 1989. An * means the service member is laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.


Name Home of Record
SSG Larry Barnard Hallstead, PA
PFC Roy D. Brown Jr. Buena Park, CA
PVT Vance T. Coats Great Falls, MT               
SPC Jerry S. Daves North Carolina
SGT Michael A. Deblois Dubach, LA
PFC Martin D. Denson Abilene, TX
PFC William D. Gibbs Marina, CA.
SPC Phillip S. Lear Westminster, SC
SPC Alejandro Manriquelozano*            Lauderhill, FL
PFC James W. Markwell Cincinnati, Ohio
CPL Ivan M. Perez Pawtucket, R.I
PFC John M. Price Conover, WI
PFC Scott L. Roth Killeen, TX
PVT Kenneth D. Scott Princeton, WV
1LT John R. Hunter Victor, MT
CW2 Wilson B. Owens Myrtle Beach, SC
CW2 Andrew P. Porter Saint Clair, MI
PVT James A. Taber Jr. Montrose, CO



LT(JG) John Connors Arlington, MA
BM1 Chris Tilghman Kailua, HA
ENC Donald McFaul Deschutes, OR
TM2 Issac G. Rodriguez III            Missouri City, TX


Marine Corps

Name Home of Record
Cpl. Garreth C. Isaak          Greenville, SC     


Persian Gulf War (1990-1991)



Service Branch      Name Interment Date    Section     Grave    
Air Force Capt. Thomas Clifford Bland Jr.                May 20, 1991 60 7713
Army Lt. Col. David Allen Douthit May 10, 1991 60 7714
Air Force Capt. Dixon L. Walters April 18, 1991 60 7715
Navy AKC Richard P. Swanson April 12, 1991 60 7716
Navy Lt. Patrick K. Connor April 11, 1991 60 7717
Marines Lance Cpl. Kip A. Poremba March 28, 1991 1 440-F
Army Capt. Joseph. G. Kime III March 26, 1991 60 7718
Army Spec. Tommy Don Butler March 19, 1991 60 7719
Marines Lance Cpl. James Reyes Lang March 12, 1991 60 7720
Army Sgt. 1st Class William Thomas Butts March 12, 1991 60 7721
Army Maj. Marie Therese Rossi March 11, 1991 8 9872
Army Pfc. Robert L. Daugherty March 8, 1991 60 7722
Army Pfc. Timothy A. Shaw March 7, 1991 8 9871
Marines Lance Cpl. Troy L. Gregory March 4, 1991 60 7723
Army Sgt. Maj. Patrick R. Hurley Feb. 28, 1991 32 513
Marines Capt. Jonathan R. Edwards Feb. 15, 1991 69 1239


The following service members are not actually buried at Arlington National Cemetery, but are memorialized here. Memorials are erected when there are no identifiable remains for an individual whose death has been substantiated. Should remains be recovered at a later date, the deceased will be buried in a new location and the memorial stone will be interred with the coffin. 

The memorial headstone (MH) section is near Section 13. 


Service Branch      Name Section     Headstone Number
Air Force Capt. Jorge Artega MH Memorial Headstone #512        
Navy AMSAN Allen Scott Carter MH Memorial Headstone #534
Navy Lt. Cmdr. Barry Thomas Cooke MH Memorial Headstone #515
Navy AMS3 James Edward Crockford Jr.            MH Memorial Headstone #516
Marines Capt. William David Cronin Jr. MH Memorial Headstone #518
Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher MH Memorial Headstone #517
Navy Lt. j.g. David Albert Warne MH Memorial Headstone #519
Navy Lt. Robert Dwyer MH Memorial Headstone #513
Navy Lt. James H. Love MH Memorial Headstone #514




Casualties of the USS Liberty

Name Place
William B. Allenbaugh Baltimore, Md.
Philip McC. Armstrong, Jr.* Detroit, Mich.
Gary R. Blanchard Wichita, Kan.
Allen M. Blue* Yakima, Wash.
Francis Brown Albany, N.Y.
Ronnie J. Campbell* Sevierville, Tenn.
Jerry L. Converse Puyallup, Wash.
Robert B. Eisenberg St. Paul, Minn.
Jerry L. Goss* North Vernon, Ind.
Curtis A. Graves* Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.
Lawrence P. Hayden* Houston, Texas
Warren E. Hersey Philadelphia, Pa.
Alan Higgins* Weymouth, Mass.
Carl L. Hoar Mount Vernon, Ohio
Richard W. Keene, Jr. Batavia, N.Y.
James L. Lenau Washington, Mo.
Raymond E. Linn* Adamsville, Ohio
James M. Lupton* Shreveport, La.
Duane R. Marggraf Fond du Lac, Wis.
David W. Marlborough* Waterville, Maine
Anthony P. Mendle Waterbury, Conn.
Carl C. Nygren* Williamsport, Pa.
James C. Pierce* Clinton, N.C.
Jack L. Raper* Cedartown, Ga.
Edward E. Rehmeyer, III York, Pa.
David Skolak Gary, Ind.
John C. Smith, Jr. Ithaca, N.Y.
Melvin D. Smith Alamance, N.C.
John C. Spicher* Terentum, Pa.
Alexander N. Thompson, Jr. Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas R. Thornton Springfield, Ohio
Philippe C. Tiedtke Santa Cruz, Calif.
Stephen S. Toth San Diego, Calif.
Frederick J. Walton Niagara Falls, N.Y.
* Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Casualties of the USS Stark

Name Place
Doran Bolduc Lacey, WA.
Bradley Brown Calera, Ala.
Jeffrey Calkins Richfield Springs, N.Y. 
Mark M. Caouette Fitchburg, Mass.
John Ciletta* Brigantine, N.J.
Brian Clinefelter San Bernadino, Calif.
Antonio Daniels Greeleyville, S.C.
Christopher DeAngelis* Dumont, N.J.
James Dunlap Osceola Mills, Pa.
Steven Erwin* Troy, Mich.
Jerry Farr Charleston, S.C.
Vernon Foster Jacksonville, Fla.
Dexter Grissett Macon, Ga.
William Hansen Reading, Mass.
Daniel Homicki Elizabeth, N.J.
Kenneth Janusik Clearwater, Fla.
Steven Kendall Honolulu, Hawaii
Stephen Kiser Elkhart, Ind.
Ronnie Lockett Bessemer, Ala.
Thomas MacMullen Darby, Pa.
Charles Moller Columbus, Ga.
Jeffrey Phelps Locust Grove, Va.
Randy Pierce Choctaw, Okla.
James Plonsky Van Nuys, Calif.
Kelly Quick Linden, Mich.
Earl Ryals* Boca Raton, Fla.
Robert Shippee Adams Center, N.Y.
Jeffrey Sibley Metairie, La.
Lee Stephens Pemberton, Ohio
James Stevens Visalia, Calif.
Martin Supple Jacksonville, Fla.
Gregory Tweady Champaign, Ill.
Joseph Watson Ferndale, Mich.
Wayne Weaver New Bethlehem, Pa.
Terrance Weldon Coram, N.Y.
Lloyd Wilson Summerville, S.C.
Vincent Ulmer Bay Minette, Ala.

Attack on the USS Cole (October 12, 2000)

2015 ceremony commemorating the 15th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole

Sailors participate in a ceremony commemorating the 15th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole.


On Thursday, October 12, 2000, the USS Cole, commanded by Kirk Lippold, arrived in Port of Aden, Yemen to refuel. Shortly after it moored, a small craft approached the ship and detonated an explosion, blowing a 40-by-60-foot gash into the side of the warship.The blast hit the vessel's galley, where many of the crew had lined up for food. Seventeen sailors were killed, with an additional 39 wounded. 

The British Royal Navy frigate HM Marlborough diverted course and steamed quickly to the Cole's aid, bringing supplies and medical equipment. Quick damage control saved the vessel, and after it was determined that the keel remained sound, the U.S. Navy tugged the Cole out of the harbor.

The attack was the deadliest on a U.S. vessel since the attack on the USS Stark in 1987, and one of the most significant terrorist incidents prior to 9/11. Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, and in 2007, a federal judge found the government of Sudan liable for facilitating it. 

Four crewmen from the USS Cole rest at Arlington. They are: 

Richard D. Costelow
Section 60, Site 7732

Cherone L. Gunn
Section 60, Site 7733

Kenneth E. Clodfelter
Section 60, Site 7734

Ronald S. Owens
Court 5, Section M1, Column 2, Niche 5