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World War I Medal of Honor Recipients

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Recipient Marker
Boone, Joel Thompson 11-137-2
Bronson, Deming 30-500-2
Cann, Tedford Harris 7-10118-SS
Cukela, Louis 1-427-A-B
Dilboy, George 18-4574
Donovan, William Joseph 2-4874-RH
Eggers, Alan Louis 2-3387-A
Ellis, Michael B. 6-9520
Hayden, David Ephriam 36-1864
Hays, George Price 11-540-2
Izac, Edouard Victor Michel 3-4222-16
Johnson, Henry 25-64
Loman, Berger Holton 37-4909
Lyle, Alexander Gordon Sr. 2-1114-1-2
McGunigal, Patrick 6-8674
Morelock, Sterling Lewis 35-1824
Pope, Thomas A. 35-3157
Pruitt, John Henry 18-2453
Robinson, Robert Guy 46-390
Schmidt, Oscar Nate Jr. 11-116-LH
Slack, Clayton King 34-59
Smith, Frederick E. 1-305-A
Sullivan, Daniel Augustus Joseph 8-5327-A
Upton, Frank Monroe 8-55-A
Van Iersel, Ludovicus M.M. 42-1770
Woodfill, Samuel 34-642-A
World War I Unknown