COVID-19 Information


UPDATE: May 24, 2021

Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is announcing several further developments in its ongoing efforts to fully reopen its services and sites.   Please click here for detailed information. 

UPDATE: April 16, 2021

Arlington National Cemetery is reopening to tour buses and tour groups beginning April 19, 2021. Tour buses will be allowed to park on the top level of the ANC parking garage. In accordance with cemetery policy, all visitors must wear face coverings and practice social distancing. Click here for more information

UPDATE: October 13, 2020

•  Funeral attendance has been increased to no more than 100 individuals at gravesite. 

UPDATE: October 8, 2020

Tram tours at Arlington National Cemetery will resume on Friday, October 9. 

• Tram tours will depart at the top of every hour, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. In the tram circle area, ticket sales will take place at a marked podium. Ticket prices remain the same, and touchless, cashless transactions are preferred.

• The tour route has been modified with only two stops: the President John F. Kennedy gravesite and Memorial Avenue. The tour still includes a historical interpretation from a narrator.

•  While on the tram, guests will be directed to their seats by the driver/narrator. To ensure social distance, every other row will be empty. All trams will be deep sanitized each morning and will be thoroughly cleaned after each tour is completed. Face coverings are mandatory for all, and safety procedures also include providing face shields to narrators. 


UPDATE: July 30, 2020 

•  Military funeral honors with modified escort will now be available for eligible service members. Military funeral honors with modified escort consists of individual service branch body bearers, a firing party, an escort commander with guidon, escort, bugler, drummer, national colors and chaplain. The 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment's caisson platoon may also be requested. Additionally, U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps service members with ranks O-6 and above may receive a caparisoned horse, and flag officers from all services may receive the appropriate presidential salute battery (PSB) gun salute. 

•  Military funeral honors and dependent honors will continue with branch of service-specific military honors teams.

•  Please click here for additional information on these changes


Q: How do the visitor screening lanes operate?

A. The following screening lanes are available:

•  Outside the Welcome Center, for direct access to cemetery grounds.

•  ADA accessibility and stroller visitor screening lane: Welcome Center east entrance (nearest to the parking garage).

•  One visitor screening lane is provided inside the Welcome Center for restroom access upon arrival only.

•  The Welcome Center has one-directional traffic flow for visitors to enter the cemetery and restrooms.

ANC would like to kindly remind visitors that entering the cemetery through unofficial access points is considered trespassing, which is a federal offense. Access to the cemetery may vary at times; ANC asks everyone to please be patient and to follow the directions of the visitor assistants at all times.

Q: Why are military funeral honors still modified?

A: Honors are still being modified at this time for the protection of our service members, family members and personnel.

Q: Will those not following protocol be asked to leave?

A: Visitors not following Arlington National Cemetery's COVID-19 protocol for social distancing and face coverings will first be asked to comply with the policy. If a visitor refuses to comply with the policy, the visitor will be asked to leave and will be escorted off cemetery grounds by our law enforcement personnel.

Q. Have there been any changes to the process of scheduling a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery?

A. No. Families who have lost a loved one must contact the Arlington National Cemetery Call Center at 877-907-8585 to begin the scheduling process. The call center will provide instructions for scheduling a funeral.

Q. If a group wants to cancel their scheduled wreath ceremony or special event, what should they do?

A.  Contact our Operations Branch at 703-614-1111 and ask to speak to a representative.

Q. Are physical security procedures still in place?

A. Yes. All visitors—including family pass holders and funeral attendees—must show their government-issued ID card or a passport. Physical screenings remain in place as well.

Official U.S. Government Information on COVID-19: 


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